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A travel candle changed my life!

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So, I sent this email…about a TRAVEL CANDLE!

First off I would like to express how much I am in LOVE with your ‘happinesstravel candles! (I am sure that every email you receive starts this way…however…hang on to your hats).

Allow me to introduce myself…I am Lisa, one half of 2people1life and we are currently travelling around the world getting married in every country we visit…in a clapped out 26 year old camper.

My NEOM travel candle and snuggle socks!

So now imagine how few luxuries I have as a girl on this trip…not even my own toilet, no shower, no oven, no carpet to squish under foot…nada…UNTIL I was invited to the Wedding blog Awards in London as a nominee *insert fanfare here*

Whilst I couldn’t go as I was in Greece at the time preparing for our 62nd wedding, we sent our great friends Bohemian Weddings along who happily picked up a goodie bag and sent it on to me, and in it was a slice of HEAVEN!

And this is from a girl, who until now (you have changed my life) has SCOFFED at such a product as a travel candle!

I mean, what use is a travel candle for crying out loud??

Travel candles for my family...they haven't got them yet...I may have to keep them ALL!

Well…I’ll tell you…and I’m new to this!

A travel candle makes you feel at home…wherever you are in the world! Even if (like me) you don’t actually HAVE a home and live in a van! I light it and I feel like I am drifting away on some goddam cloud of angel dust, not parked in a filthy car park out the back of a petrol station having not showered for several days!

Anyway, I am quite sure you have heard this at least one gazillion times…minus the parked in a car park, homeless, traveller part…but the rest!

So my point is…I love your product so much I am going to share this wealth of heavenly goodness with my readers! I am going to give someone else a slice of this life changing thing! I am going to help convert other ‘travel-candle-haters’ out there and I am going to get me some more of that amazing ‘happiness’ radiating through my ahem, campervan!

Phew, I’m kind of out of breath after all that…but truly, I have NEVER done this before, I have NEVER loved a product SO much that I felt the need to send a damn email to anyone, let alone the company itself, so thank you for that experience!

Christmassy candleness

Luckily the lovely lady at Neom Organics didn’t mark me as spam and stick me in her junk mail, she actually emailed me back!

Thank you so much for getting in touch about how much your loving your NEOM candle! It was so nice to read your email and hear about how much NEOM has had a positive impact on your life, that’s exactly what we aim to do!

And boy did they! They even sent me another candle!! I got online, ordered travel candles for my whole family (and another for myself) and I have been obsessively watching their online store for new products, giveaways and competitions.

You should do the same.

Let me know if it changes your life!

Go on, spread some of that yummy smelling goodness a little further! (I HAVE to recommend the ‘Happiness’ range as it is my favourite!)

I just wish there was a way to make this post ‘Scratch and sniff’!

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