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Taupo NZ.. Hotel or Motel accommodation.. read this and be surprised!

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Lake Taupo Hotel

Even after all of our travels, every day is a school day!

As we tour around New Zealand in a tiny camper van we get the urge… about every 3-4 days to stay in a hotel. I read yesterday that living in a small enough space can actually drive you mad! We are not doing bad for almost 4 years in a camper van!

Feeling one of these urges we found ourselves north of Taupo. We jumped online and have a search to see whats on offer nearby… lots of motels ( Urghhh) and a few hotels that look average and overpriced. It is holiday season after all.

We sent out some emails and ended up at the Beechtree Suites 100 meters from Lake Taupo. On arrival we met the famous Beechtree Bear and got chatting with the lovely manager Jacqui.

Lake Taupo Motel

This is what we learnt and will never forget!

The difference between a motel in NZ and a Motel in the US (or most of the rest of the globe) is a world apart. A motel in the USA brings thoughts of a million horror movies of being holed up in a damp dirty room while some crazed axe murderer loiters in the rainy shadows by the ice machine.

However, in NZ a motel means 4 star accommodation with plenty of space to park! A huge TV, a bath tub that opened up into the living area so one could watch TV from the Jacuzzi tub and a small kitchenette perfectly appointed with every thing you might ever need were the offerings at the Beechtree. Jackie explained to us that the actual difference between a hotel and motel is that a motel does not have a 24 hour service desk or a restaurant (who eats in a hotel restaurant or needs 24 hour desk service?) but they clearly (in NZ) still offer the same quality but at a lower price.

Lake Taupo Hotel

Anyway, entirely sold on motels throughout New Zealand we enjoyed our time at the Beechtree with a lovely meal and a bottle of wine as we fired up the barbecue in the motel gardens! Get in!

Our advice… Whilst in New Zealand… Motel… don’t Hotel.

Lake Taupo Motel

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