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Shit happens…ALL. THE. TIME!

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One could be forgiven for thinking that living in a campervan means an easy life.

Sailing along the Gold Coast of Australia soaking up some of the worlds most beautiful sights, sleeping on deserted beaches and grassy river banks under an indescribable blanket of stars…some days I would have to agree.

Our FREE home for the Easter break!

Our FREE home for the Easter break!

But other days I wonder if I have lost my mind.

The simplest tasks become impossible dramas that are time consuming and difficult due to the limited space. The tiniest issues become epic disasters and a badly timed, yet genuinely innocent statement can quickly turn into a snappy, pointless arguement.

Each day is a struggle and we just have to admit defeat, take our time and put the pieces back together again. Yesterday was a typical ‘one of those days’, let me walk you through it…slowly!

We woke up to a bed full of bugs due to leaving a window open in the night during a rain storm like you have never known in your life. It came from nowhere and we woke up in a blind panic wondering if somehow we had rolled into the river or under a waterfall. The noise was unbelievable. Our extra pillows had been thrown out of the bed due to the unbearable heat and were typically under said open window. They were completely soaked through but it was the bugs that annoyed me. They had come into the van en mass and were everywhere.

Anyway, that was before breakfast.


I was too cross to eat breakfast and knew we would be stopping soon and could grab a snack when I felt like it. We were stopping because the water and waste tanks needed emptying. Although it is marvellous having a toilet and shower on board it also means the joyful task of emptying them regularly. Luckily, in Australia they are pretty set up for campers and there are dump stations along our route. In themselves the dump stations are a whole different story and can be completely impossible to use sometimes but this one gave us a break and was fine. Alex went outside to drain the tanks while I did my inside jobs of cleaning the toilet and shower and then, getting hungry, I decided to put on some noodles while we filled the water tanks etc.

This relatively simple task resulted in Alex emptying the entire storage of the van looking for his ‘spare’ hosepipe as the one he had handy wouldn’t fit the tap at this particular dump site. Everything out, hosepipe sourced and everything back in (like a challenge on Krypton factor of course) we filled the tanks. A relatively easy job done…in an hour. We drove on, me eating my noodles, to a spot where we could get a shower.

The woods!

We found a perfect slope to park on so that most of the water from the shower would remain at the plug end of the floor and Alex got in the shower which is half in the toilet, half in the kitchen and blocks off the bed completely. Sat in my corner I decided to clear away the left overs of my noodles. As I picked up the bowl it caught on the seat handle and promptly tipped bright yellow, tumeric noodle juice EVERYWHERE! Up the chair, in the footwell, all over the fitted carpet, the carpet rug and in the crevices between. All before 11am.

Once we were showered, mopped up and cleared away more of the tiny bugs kept appearing. Angry at the situation, I stupidly asked where they were all coming from…more in an exclamation than a question which resulted in a 20 minute arguement. We do realise quickly when we need to stop bickering and we do just stop and forget about it, sweep it aside and carry on with the day.

We drove along wondering what else the day might bring and enjoyed passing through iconic spots like Byron Bay and flat rocks beach and leaving them behind to find our own hidden reaches of the Australian East coast.

Iconic Byron Bay complete with be-hatted youngsters

Iconic Byron Bay complete with be-hatted youngsters

Just minutes from Byron Bay, a secret beach all to ourselves!

Just minutes from Byron Bay, a secret beach all to ourselves!

The rest of the day bought a supermarket shop, a spillage of coconut milk all over the fridge, a laundry stop, finding a leak in the back window which has resulted in the bed being wet through underneath and meaning that the next morning would be spent dismantling the bed and trying to dry it out, finding a mechanic to reseal all of the windows (which we later noticed he only did 3 of 4 windows… we have no idea why!) and remaking the bed…all before fitting in a days work.

This is Alex making the bed!

This is Alex making the bed!

All of this is before mentioning that we are currently preparing weddings in Australia, Iceland, Jordan and Dubai. Arranging flights, photographers etc. Oh and we are half way through a total website overhaul.. and all this has to be done or prepared in the next 3 days before Alex’s Mum arrives next week!

It is fair to say that we live pretty busy lives.
Of course, it’s not the living in such close quarters that’s a problem, but like everyone else, life gets in the way and likes to remind us that although we are cruising around the world having the time of our lives…we are still human and that…inevitably…shit happens!


This makes it all worth it though!

This makes it all worth it though!

2015-04-08_0010 2015-04-08_0009

...oh and we had house guests!

…oh and we had house guests!

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