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Our project is established but our site is new and although we have weddings specialists in over 60 countries it’s going to take time to get everyone on the ship. If you can’t find exactly what you want please get in touch and if you are an awesome wedding specialist or you know people you want to recommend let us know.

Plans afoot for the longest highway in the world.

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Life in Australia is pretty difficult to complain about….not that I would want to!

We have spent this week in a great apartment in Hampton which is our ideal little town. Grown up enough, residential enough, foodie enough with good enough weather…but is it enough enough if we decided to live here?

Home from home!

Home from home!

This week we have really lived it. Walking into town every day to pick up little bits of groceries, running along the beach every morning and spending the weekend amongst the families on the sand, lounging with our feet in the ocean knocking back a beer or two. We even went to the movies which was incredibly civilised, a GLASS glass (as in, not a plastic beaker) of wine in hand and a little tray to put it on between our comfy reclining seats…I felt truly spoiled yet it was only $10 each (thats 5 Quid atm Brits). Life here has an almost perfect pace. Relaxed and calm with the odd burst of activity like paragliding, jet skiing or a splash in the waves with the kids. The weather is reflective of the lifestyle, calm and enjoyable with the odd burst of sweltering heat followed by a great moody electrical storm…all of it enjoyable.

We have loved every minute of it and we can’t put our finger on anything we DON’T love about it, but there is something in our minds that is suggesting that there is more out there for us. Maybe we will find it once we get back on the open road with Boris…who, is finally due to arrive next week! We cannot WAIT to get back out there, exploring, enjoying waking up in a different place every day, living in our own space again and having our freedom back.

BUM SHOT, sorry!

BUM SHOT, sorry!

There is so much to see here in Australia…a LOT of road if not just the cities along the way. Once Boris gets here we plan to drive Highway 1, the longest national highway in the world, longer than the Trans-Siberian Highway (over 11,000 km or 6,800 mi) and the Trans-Canada Highway (8,030 km or 4,990 mi). A total length of approximately 14,500 km (9,000 mi) I’m sure we will see some incredible sights…I’m hoping that all we avoid are the bugs and the snakes!

Being busy planning our route around Australia isn’t all we have been up to… We have been discussing using Social Media for social good a LOT recently with a few other people with an online presence, namely Mike & Anne’s Honeytrek who we hang with regularly, and Ricky Shetty who we have been in contact with since Canada back in 2011. Ricky of DaddyBlogger fame, started a hashtag this week which we have jumped on and are going to try to pay it forward wherever we can. #OneSimpleAction is about making the world a better place through social media. Consider sharing the hashtag yourself and doing something simple that you consider being for social good. Make a neighbour some cookies, switch from plastic to re-usable shopping bags, start recycling if you don’t already, help someone with a task that they struggle with that you take for granted. Nominate 3 people to do the same when you post your #OneSimpleAction to facebook or your social media outlet…tag us in too, we would love to see what you have been up to?

social media for social good

Our #OneSimpleAction was to help a friend who was doing the same without realising it. Alison of Plans and Presents had read a story online about Rachael, a 21 year old woman who has been tragically given only 12 months to live after being diagnosed with an in-operable brain tumor. Rachaels last wish is to marry her fiance in Scotland…easy enough…unless you live in Melbourne.

Alison immediately jumped on the case and rallied around the Scottish and UK wedding industry to try and make Rachaels wedding dreams come true. We helped wherever we could with the appeal and reached out to the lovely Charlotte Balbier who gave me my Tabitha wedding dress and also reached out to airlines in an appeal for help with flights. Charlotte was of course happy to help and we are still hoping to hear back about flights, but helping out just in this small way, with this #OneSimpleAction of sending a few emails to friends meant that we could help someone else fulfill their wedding dreams, goodness knows, we have had plenty of help ourselves!

We have also been planning our next steps for our website. While the blog has been an amazing place to record our travels and experiences and share them with you, we realise it has also become quite a useful tool for those couples out there wanting to get married. We receive so many emails from couples wanting to know HOW to go about planning a wedding in the countries we have visited and asking for contacts to get their own wedding ball rolling.


We are at the stage where we want to offer a service to those couples, we want to put them directly in touch with the incredible people that have helped us with our weddings, and the only way to do that is though our website. So, get ready to be bombarded with questions about your weddings, about your wedding plans and about what you as a person who can offer services to couples want to see from our site….and get ready to start seeing some exciting changes!

                   What questions I hear you yell, I want to answer these questions…well…here you go! Couples married or getting married…knock yourselves out HERE!

Oh, and it has also been Valentines day…which we are SO bad at that neither of us realised that was the case until we made a beef rendang ( I am currently obsessed wit Balinese cooking!) and started watching the cricket and the date came on the screen!

In other news, I ran my first full mile without stopping AND I did it in 10 minutes which is pretty good going for run number 10, so good that I even got a cheese toasty for my breakfast as a reward! Aiming for 2 miles by the end of this week.


Phew, what a week we have had…here’s to getting ready to say goodbye to yet another month! Where does the time go?

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