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It takes a REAL woman to be a James Bond bride!

Of course ANY self respecting James Bond would be up at the crack of dawn to begin his James Bonding, so bright and breezy the next day we found ourselves on a zipline!

Zach and Pete had come along all the way from LA to film the next 3 weddings and to spend some time with us building a trailer to try to sell our story as a TV show in the US. We met them on the sidewalk, introduced them to Peggy and of course August and we got down to some early morning, life endangering (??) James Bond-esque (???) ziplining!

Pete stayed on the ground while stunt technician (??) Zach came along on the wire with us as did August, both of them armed / disabled (depends how you look at it) heavily with cameras. We had a great time and Alex did so well at the worlds biggest corn hole! To explain a little better what the worlds biggest cornhole is…As you zipline you are given corn filled bags which you have to try to throw through a hole in the ground, Alex got his in one, mine went nowhere near the hole at all and was more likely to take out a passing seagull, but I did try! After a few goes at the ziplinging August did his thing and just threw it in there that we would be doing the free fall next! It was not going to be Alex’s day at this rate!

We climbed the stairs round and round and round and round to the top of the free fall tower. I stepped up to go first as the man hooked me up to yet another piece of string and told me to just walk off the platform! I looked down at the ground below us which was covered in shredded tyres and a man waiting for me to land in a heap at the bottom gave me a smile and a wave. The scariest thing in my mind was that it didn’t look THAT far! The thought racing trough my mind was that if it did all go wrong that I would just break every bone in my body rather than die!

I looked straight out and after a little indecision took a deep breath and did as the man said, I just walked off the platform!

I actually enjoyed it. The rope didn’t go slack at all like the bungee so no sense of panic cascaded over me, just the feeling of falling in the bottom of my tummy! I shouted up to Alex and told him he would be fine as the man was fastening him up to go next. I ran back up the stairs to be there when he went over the edge and to tell him it was easy and that he would be fine. He was attached to the rope and teetering near the edge. In the end he said he’d have another think about it and I stepped up to go again. It was easier to walk off the edge the second time but it still didn’t convice Alex to go. August and Caleb (who was with Zach and Pete as a second shooter) both had a go and we thanked the team at Myrtle Beach Zipline Adventures and went off to our next adventure…Scuba diving!

We met Larry and his wife from Nu Horizons Dive & Travel. They handed us our wetsuits (which we had been a tried on previously) and we went into Peggy to get them on.

Anyone ever put on a wetsuit?? If you have, you get it…. if you haven’t you have no idea!

Imagine trying to pull on inch thick, skin tight rubber….now imagine 2 people trying to do the same thing in a tiny space ie. inside a van. The minute you start to sweat may as well be the minute you give up! Any kind of moisture makes it even more difficult to get on. Anyway we fought our way into our wetsuits (after a little disagreement on which way around they should go, zip up front or zip at the back) in Peggy and stepped out into the parking area to be greeted by Zach and Caleb with a video camera, August with a camera, Larry and Pete and they all just laughed at us!

I looked like a black ironing board with a overheated, angry red face (after my fight with the suit in a confined space) and Alex had lost the argument as he had his wetsuit on BACK TO FRONT! He had to get it back off again and then back on the right way around hahahahahaha!

While we waited for Alex to get his bottom on the right way around I had a tank that weighed the same as me strapped to my back, a diving knife strapped to my ankle, flippers draped over my arm, a mask and mouth piece attached to my face and a harpoon stuck in my free hand! I was ready to drop and I hadn’t even taken a step yet! Alex once dressed properly had the same regalia attached and was handed a gun!

We hobbled up the rickety wooden steps to the beach and deflated further when we saw how far out the ocean was! We staggered across the sand to the waters edge and I couldn’t take the tank any more! I had to take it off, it just weighed too much and I could barely move! Alex had his taken off too and we prepared to go into the 4 degree water. By prepared I mean we mentally had a word with our selves as Larry poured near boiling water into our wetsuits through the head hole! Once we were human hot water bottles it was time to wade out into the big blue inhospitable Atlantic Ocean.

We waded in and instantly felt like total wallies! We had to pretend to surface from the water and sneak (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) all secret-agent-like to the shore. We couldn’t keep straight faces and when we were asked to don the harpoon, gun and knife and look like we were armed to the teeth it was even worse, we ended up running up and down the beach laughing our heads off chasing each other with our varying weapons and Alex falling head first into a wave! We did have a laugh and I’m sure that Zach and Pete got some great footage and you can see the pictures by August throughout the blog!

Once we were worn out we had more hot water poured into our suits and then the real comedy began…trying to get the suits off! We struggled out of our now impossible to manoeuvre rubber suits with our frozen fingers and absolutely covered in sand! With a little help from our ‘friends’ (all of those dry, laughing, filming people) we managed it and got dressed again and ready to find out what our next stunt would be! We followed August to a boat launch where Wing Wong was waiting with his mobile hair and make up kit…and….a jet ski!

I was whisked off for make up and then Wing Wong started on my hair while Alex got to grips with the jet ski. Once I was beautified Alex came and picked me up to go out on the water once more on the back of a real boy toy! I had never been on a jet ski before and asked Alex to take it slow until I got my balance…to which he responded with going full throttle across the water while I clung on for grim death! We zipped around and up and down and shot about like mad things while the film crew remained warm and dry on the jetty! It was exhausting clinging onto Alex’s back like a baby monkey and I was relieved to get off the thing…little did I know what was coming next!

We parked up the jet ski, I had my hair titivated again and then put onto a boat with April, Caden, Matt and Jo who were going to be taking me to the beach for the wedding…as my bodyguards!

Alex was being driven to the beach to get ready, but I was arriving by boat. I tried to register this in my mind. August had run me through what would happen before he had driven off with Alex. I would go on the speed boat 45 minutes cross the rough ocean, get changed into yet another wetsuit, jump out of the speeding boat and swim to shore where I would then get changed into a wedding dress and promptly be married to my James Bond! I nodded like a nodding dog as he drove off and as I sat in the boat bouncing across the Ocean (which seemed to have transformed into a solid sheet of glass as we banged our way across it) that it began to sink in! Alex was DRIVING to the beach where he  (in Peggy with the heating on, scoffing a slice of hot pizza) would await MY arrival via the 4 degree ocean!

Wasn’t Alex supposed to be the James Bond?!?!?!?

We bounced across the water at high speed and had our faces blasted frequently by icy ocean spray (which felt a LOT like sand) and as we neared the pier I started to strip to get into my wetsuit. Jo kindly slowed the pace a little so I didn’t accidently tip out while trying to A. get my damp skinny jeans off and B. get my super insulated, thick rubber, skin tight wet suit on! All the time I was changing I was wondering how the hell this had happened?!

How had I agreed to this?!

Anyway, it was too late, we were there. I could see a crowd of people on the beach all with cameras, lighting and all kinds of jiggery and all of a sudden it was time to get OUT of the boat and into the icy water! No human hot water bottle this time!

Jo slowed the boat and Matt raised his shot gun into the air, I wobbled by the edge of the boat and turned and asked how deep it was (instantly wondering whether I would break both my legs or drown) Jo and Matt said ‘no time, you have to jump, we can’t slow down any more!!’ and that was it!

I was in!

I was under the water and wondering if I would be chopped up by the boat as I heard it speed off! There was no more time for thinking and I pushed up out of the water and began to swim for what I hoped was the shore! My heart was in my mouth with what felt like a gallon of salt water. I swam a little more and dared to try to reach the bottom. The water by now was about knee deep so I stood up and began to wade to shore.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see dozens of cameras, I stared straight ahead and thought I could hear the James Bond theme playing!I thought I was imagining it until I tried to clear my head and realised I COULD indeed HEAR the James Bond theme being played!

A lady from Strand Strings sat on the beach, playing James Bond on a cello!

I had to immediately push it out of my mind before I laughed hysterically, I daren’t break a smile now or they might make me do it again and I WAS NOT doing that again! I sauntered off the beach and walked straight into a HUGE blanket being held out for me! It was such a relief, I was shaking like mad both through the cold and the adrenaline surging through my veins, I couldn’t believe what I had just done!

I was bundled into a wooden picnic area and wrapped in whatever people could get hold of. Blankets, towels, jumpers and Wing Wong set the hair dryer on me to try to warm me up. Debbie was beside herself bless her worrying to death that I would die on the spot of hypothermia and made sure I was bundled up tight to get warm.

I was so pleased to see Alex even though he was dressed in his James Bond suit and probably roasting while I froze to death but just the sight of his face warmed me through. I got dried and told everyone that we needed to get into action before we lost the light for the wedding ceremony. I was dried, my hair was whisked into shape, my make up applied at the same time and water poured into my mouth as I was pinned into yet another AMAZING gown from Amandas. I was soon ready to rock and the sky had just started to turn a dusty pink. Alex ran on to the beach to meet me at the alter that Gigi Noelle Events had built beautifully. It was covered in flowers, flowing materials and surrounded by candles in hurricane lanterns. It was perfect. I walked across the cold sand and met Alex and Reverend Benji Simmons began the ceremony.

The ceremony was short but sweet and a traditional Christian wedding sermon. We kissed through my chattering teeth and the cameras stopped rolling as the light completely disappeared. We had one more shot to get for August and I was stripped again and pulled on another dress to walk along the sand holding hands with my very own James Bond. The dress was gorgeous and a perfect beach wedding dress. We wandered in the sand and dipped our toes once again into the freezing Atlantic. I think you’d have to agree that the picture is perfect!

We were soon back in Peggy and with the heating on full blast on our way to our third Divine Dining experience. We were all eating at Bubba’s fish shack and were going to finally meet the owners who had kindly offered to feed us every night! We arrived at the restaurant, got seated and immediately I was handed a glass of wine and a paper cup. I was still shaking with adrenaline and poor Spike was sat next to me expecting me to keel over any minute and die where I sat, I was gibbering on, probably making little sense but I couldn’t believe the day we had had!

After 2 or 3 glasses of wine I began to calm down a little. There were so many of us, Pete and Zach,Spike,  August, Mercedes, Benji and his wife and son who  had lent us my second wetsuit of the day, we were all seated (we even had some guests come along who had been having a quiet drink on the beach when I waded out of the ocean) and Nate and Paige (King and Queen of Divine Dining) arrived. We were all introduced and I knew immediately that we were going to get on like a house on fire. So much so that I said to Paige ‘me and you are going to have some fun, I can tell’. And that’s how the night went on.

We had a great laugh, ate amazing food and drank mind erasers (which really work) and after everyone else had gone off to bed, Paige, Nate, August and Alex and I went on to another bar where we drank until I passed out and threw up my squid!

I think I had earned my blow out after the day we’d had. I had a great time and did things I never even dreamed of doing AND I survived to tell the tale! We also had some new amazing friends that I knew we would not be separated from until we left Myrtle beach! We still had another 2 weddings to go and I couldn’t WAIT to see what on EARTH would possibly happen next!

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