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“LOVE WHAT YOU DO” // An event film makers workshop hosted by Jeff Wood

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One of the worlds most respected wedding videographers Jeff Wood (who shot 4 of our weddings – Wales, Tahiti Flight, Moorea and Jordan) is hosting an exclusive 2 day/3 night workshop in conjunction with industry massive, Sony.
Unlike other ‘Workshops’ this event, more like a retreat, planned and co-ordinated by yours truly with Hungarian Weddings, will take place in Hungary on November 15th 2016. This is no ordinary lesson in how to be even better at what you do. Jeff will show you how to love what you do. You will network with like-minded professionals, create contacts and leave with a buzz beyond words.

We asked Jeff why he wanted to hold this workshop // retreat.

The wedding and event film making industry is a friendly and helpful working community which is one of the many aspects that attracts me and keeps me addicted to this business.  So as I have worked to improve every aspect of my workflow through the years I have been keen to share what I have discovered.  Four workshops in and I have only just discovered the most important creative element and how to implement and nurture it.

Passion, inspiration, creative need – Loving what you do!

Since ‘figuring it out’ every decision I have made, whether it be about kit, workflow, price structure, client base or marketing strategy has had this in mind!  I have massively changed the way I work in the past two years and some of it has been a very scary rollercoaster!  I wish someone had been there to lead me through it so I guess I’m offering just that.


There are certain ‘demons’ that sap your love for what you do that I have experienced and hear about time and time again but perhaps the biggest are:-

Backlog! – Through careful planning, trial and error and determination I have liberated my life from the dreaded backlog and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!  Every element of your workflow, client communication, kit, attitude and knowledge needs to be geared towards the task of eliminating your backlog.  I currently have one wedding to edit (in September), I have not rushed and I have not outsourced, the control freak in me just wouldn’t cope!’. The creative energy that I have for this one edit is something that I never experienced while sporting a backlog of 5 to 10 weddings in years past.

Pressure! – This can also be a passion killer but more importantly, it can also be bad for your health!  The pressure that you put on yourself, the pressure from clients, clients parents, colleagues, competitors, planners, vicars, priests!  The last two I can’t really help with, I’m not a magician!  But learning to actively tackle the causes of pressure has also improved my working life (and therefore results) drastically.

Indecision! – Whether it be during the booking process, shoot, edit or colour grade indecision stops productivity in it’s tracks and causes us to procrastinate.  I hear many people talking of the ‘hell’ of dredging through countless tracks on music licensing websites or having so much kit with them, they can’t decide how to take a shot.  Very different aspects that I have not worried about for years.  I have a very rigid, tried and tested set of rules that mean barely any decisions have to be made.  Learn your kit, learn the language of film and know, even before the day has started, what kit you are taking where, what cinematic moves will be made and when and what music will likely be used.

As a final word I don’t want to give the impression that this will be some kind of hippy retreat. I have not lost my mind. The course will be packed full of technical, creative and business lessons, but each lesson, each piece of advice, each bit of gear recommendation and each piece of work deconstruction will be geared towards helping you love what you do.

I hope to see you there!

Jeff Wood.


Buy your ticket here!

Timeline – 

Monday 14th – Arrive throughout the day (see FAQ below for transport options), get settled and meet the group. Grab some awesome Hungarian dinner and… Did someone say drinks?

Tuesday 15th – Group introductions and workshop throughout the day followed by an event in the evening. 

Wednesday 16th – Intense workshop all day, traditional Hungarian party in the evening… Someone 100% said drinks. 

Thursday 17th –  Hangover brunch, recap what we have learnt and talk shop, leave when you like. (see FAQ for transport options) 


What does the ticket include? 

To keep things super simple this is an all inclusive deal! Food, accommadation 14th, 15th, 16th November, training, coffee’s, horse show, hungarian dance show, DJ and a rocking party. It also includes transport with a little organising required on your part. 

Oh… don’t forget some drinking money! 

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? 

We have arranged 5 taxi’s from Budapest airport that will be avaliable throughout the day of the 14th November. Let us know when your flight gets in and we will do our best to get you in one of those cabs! 

If you booked the 3am bargain of the century flight the venue is only 50 minutes away so you may have to grab a cab solo at your own expense. 

We have the same deal going back. But that should be a lot less like hearding cats as everyone will be in the same place! However if you are that one with the dibilitating hangover that forces you to miss your flight we cannot be held responsible! 

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Give Alex or Lisa a shout at info@2people1life.com

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