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We’re ALL in!

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After making the heart breaking decision to leave Peggy behind in the country that literally broke the camels back we were faced with yet more dilemmas.

HOW would we carry on? Could we keep going? Could we get back into Pakistan to carry on even if we tried?

Arriving home we collapsed into our families embrace back in the UK, we even managed to be home for my sisters wedding and caught up with friends and regaled them with the whole story of losing Peggy which helped us come to terms with everything that had happened.

My sisters wedding!

Exhausted, delirious and I dare say, suffering from post traumatic stress from the entire drama of being stranded and stuck in Pakistan and the realisation that several tourists were kidnapped while we were there, we had to pull ourselves together and make that huge decision…the decision to quit, or carry on.

Obviously this adventure has become bigger than we could have ever imagined and it has ended up taking a lot longer then we anticipated…it turns out the world is pretty big in real life. It has also taken every penny we have to get us this far and to complete the trip would deplete our funds way beyond our plans, especially throwing a new camper into the equation. Yet, we have a huge following, friends all over the globe and  more determination than a cat chasing a laser dot to complete our circumnavigation of the wedding world.

So, we sucked it up, pooled everything, finally sold our house and eternally gratefully accepted a gift of the money to buy a new camper from Alex’s Mum. Officially homeless and well and truly ‘ALL IN’ we stopped whining about our losses and got back on a plane to the USA to find our new home on wheels.

Our new home

A few weeks of searching and driving cross country we found him. Boris had been caged for 11 years but cared for rigorously by his owner, Bob, the Senator of Pennsylvania and his wife, Cindy. He didn’t strike us as a Boris to begin with, he had Abba Lycra green trims and appalling curtains and a very 80’s feel about him, but after a few months of care, a lick of paint, a splash of glitter, some fairy lights and a kitchen renovation, his personality was revealed.

A 2001, 7.2 litre Chevrolet conversion with black trims and a nodding moose (and Timea the nodding dog)…he became Boris the Beast, he became our new home.

Bob and Cindy got us on the road with Boris

Bob and Cindy got us on the road with Boris

Boris becoming Boris

Boris becoming Boris


Our roadtrips across America renewed our love for life on the road. The middle East, though beautiful, was hard. Language and religious barriers, danger and a poorly Peggy hadn’t made the road enjoyable for a long time, but being thrown back into a comfort zone we knew we had made the right decision, we could do this. We CAN complete this epic adventure.

We caught up with friends across the states, from Mike and Anne’s Honeytrek to our friends in Myrtle Beach. We spent time with family and friends in Canada, Jason and Joanne in Arizona and my Mum even came over for a visit. We fell hard in love with Maine in the fall, drove the old route 66 and made new friends in Hollywood. Life is good again, we feel recouped, rehabilitated and ready to feel the wind ripple through our fingers as we sail across open roads all over again.


So here we are.

The beginning of the end.

A new year, a new start and a new passion to actually complete our drive around the world. A new excitement for exploring more wedding cultures and traditions in the most culturally diverse part of the planet, the Far East, and a never dulled wish to make more friends. Without your support, the support of the friends and family we have met along the way in the last 3 years we certainly wouldn’t be where we are now…we wouldn’t be carrying on, we would be back in England crying into our milk!

FriendsMaine in fall

So, thanks to you guys and our (apparently) unshakable commitment to finding the perfect place to get married, we have a new lease of life and  are ready to see our last year on the road out with a bang…hopefully not a mechanical one!

We hope you will join us, without you and your continued support and love, it wouldn’t be happening!

Lets all of us grab 2015 by the balls!

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