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Marriage proposal on The Ellen show!

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Of course something as simple as booking flights can be a total nightmare when you have an international card, are flying within 2 days and booking more than one flight! It took far longer than it should and cost more than 3 times what we had calculated as all of the flights had shot up in price! However we had no choice, we had made commitments and we were sticking to them.

IN the meantime we had been busy planning a wedding in Colorado with an amazingly calm team who were just taking it all in their stride…I am so proud of how Brit (wedding planner extraordinaire) and Catherine (Photographer superstar) handled us being so damn changeable at that time. We wanted to be in Denver with them 2 days before the wedding and at the last minute we were invited onto the Ellen Degeneres show! We had been talking with them for a few months and they had booked us in and changed their plans so many times I was ready to give up. I emailed Brit in Denver and asked her if it would change things too drastically if we arrived the very morning of the wedding. Brit remained her calm usual self and said of course not! GO ON THE ELLEN SHOW! SO…we did!

It was a great experience, we had our own green room with Ellen chairs in it, we got to sit in the audience and watch the show and dance along with everyone but when it came to going up and talking with Ellen nerves took over completely! While we were sat in the audience Alex’s right pec (or booby) was vibrating uncontrollably. You know when you get a nervous twitch in your leg or under your eye? He had it in just ONE of his pecs. It was hilarious! When we were called to the couch I was shaking, Alex was vibrating, I was hunched over like a turtle and no words appeared to be coming out of Alex’s mouth! It was a super fast thing and we didn’t get much time to explain what we were doing or to mention the blog (again) so we were still in shock when we got back to the green room with a cheque for $2,000 in our hands! We were so grateful, $2,000 is a great help towards gas and with all the flights we would be taking in the next week, every penny counts!!

We were still in shock when the producer of the show appeared with a camera man and another woman and asked us if they could do some web content! We were thrilled, it meant we could get the website link on there and people who had seen the show and wanted to know more would be able to find us. We said sure and they casually said ” well we thought we would throw you a wedding“. I looked at Alex and he at me and we asked if we could think about it! It was all so much all of a sudden. We talked about it and agreed that this is not what our adventure is about. We asked what they had in mind and they just wanted to have a ceremony there and then, in the green room with us two and one of the producers doing the ceremony. We thanked them politely and said it wasn’t what the trip was about, we are trying to learn about the traditions and cultures of weddings…not stand face to face in a green room in our jeans still in shock from actually hugging Ellen Degeneres!

They shrugged and left and that was the end of our web content! We were shown back to the car that drove us home and we were again left in shock about the media.

We had little time to worry about it we had to pack and clean up the apartment and jump on a flight within 15 hours. We packed and everyone came over for farewell drinks. We managed a few hours sleep and superstar Aaron drove us to the airport at stupid AM!

We boarded our flight and held on for the crazy ride that was coming our way and I don’t mean the flight!

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