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A Vampire Wedding on Halloween in Hollywood.

It seems so unreal just reading the title!
A Vampire Wedding!We arrived at Vampire Lounge and met up with friends Alex hadn’t seen for years and years and that I have never met. We were already in our outfits and just had to have our make up done. We ran around and met all of our guests and we knew quite a few of them which was so lovely! We then met up with our photographer-S for the night! B Wright Photography. These guys are a story in themselves. Brian and Brandon are twins. Who shoot together. With vintage cameras. And they are just amazing! Just look at their blog and see the list of cameras they use! These guys do NOT just point and shoot, they measure, plan, time, add and subtract to create outstandingly beautiful images with so much depth, feeling and raw emotion it is hard to believe you’re not actually there as you are looking at the finished product. And they look very very cool indeed with their so not Hollywood look and their old fashioned leather cases, wildly shaped flashes and olden day equipment. The sound of them ripping open the negatives and polaroid images was even cool. I was so blown away by them I cant begin to tell you all about it now but don’t worry I will do…soon.

Getting ready! Warming up! So imagine the scene, we are dressed as Victorian Vampires, the brothers are carrying their vintage cameras around and we are in the fabulously exuberant Vampire lounge with flickering candles, low light chandeliers and gargoyles adorning the walls…the atmosphere, the location…the feel…it was all just so right! And then we saw Marino and Victor. Marino dressed in Victorian Vamp style with pouffy blouse and crushed red velvet and satin waistcoat, the tightest trousers ever, long wild blonde hair and a gold tooth and Victor in his equally crazy blouse, sparkly waistcoat and blue satin gloves! PERFECTION!

Ad-hoc dressing room! We ran over and said hi and then disappeared into the ladies to have our make up done by Crista. She has moved to LA from NYC to go to school to become a make-up artist and after only 3 weeks had already picked up an incredible amount. She was fantastic and did such a fabulous job I just can’t wait to see what she can do when she has completed the course! She was also so lovely and we were happy she could stay for a drink and join in the fun of the ceremony.

Blood of the Vine Pre wedding tipple! Sitting still proved difficult, what with my nerves and the corset but I managed it and went to meet more guests while Alex was vamped up for the occasion. Nick, Megan and Coco had all come along for the wedding as had some new friends. Dr. Mo. Lester had come along with his beautiful school girl girlfriend, Lisa red riding hood had come along with her wolf and Cruella De Ville, the Black Swan and a really scary (man) flesh eating Vampiress were also present for the nuptuals. The atmosphere was fabulous and everyone was well in the flow of enjoying the blood of the vine! Igor the bar manager gathered everyone and explained that the wedding would start soon and everyone should charge their glasses. Alex finally appeared and we headed up the stairs to meet Reverend Marni Martin who was going to kindly hold the ceremony for us. Marni is a very spiritual being  and has a chapel in Orange County where she holds the “Golden circle which is a Spirit-Centered community of Light, Love and Laughter.” I was excited to hear her service and she was so taken aback by how much we are in love. All she kept saying through the service was I can’t believe it, you two are just SO in love! She even said it wasn’t often that she came across two people so happy to be with each other even as a reverend! When we were ready to start Igor hushed the crowd who sat closely around us on the couches and stood on the stairs to get a glimpse of Marino and Victor play Angel Heart for us and then they started the ceremony by playing the wedding march Halloween / rock style!

Rockband wedding march! Vampire Wedding on Halloween in Hollywood! We loved it and I nearly started crying before we had even said a word. Marni’s service was beautiful She talked of the energy between the two of us and the love we exude for each other. My favourite part of the service was when Marni blessed our rings before the exchange. She was the first person to point out that our rings will have been blessed so many times by the end of our trip that they will be the most blessed rings ever! I had seaguls in my stomach by this time and was so nervous. Not only because of the service, the emotions running through me making my skin tingle, the cameraman from Fox bloody news with his floodlight in my eye but also because I was wearing vampire fangs! I was in such a panic as Alex spoke his vows with ease (as his fangs had already fallen out) and it just built and built and built! I even tried to dislodge them with my tongue and thought I could spit them out but they would not budge! With tears in my eyes (from the vows not my teeth) it came to my turn to say my vows. I looked into Alex’s eyes and instantly forgot all of the panic and knew that no matter what, he would know what I was saying and that I meant it from the bottom of my heart even if I couldn’t convey it properly with a mouth full of additional teeth! Marni finished of the service by properly making me cry to the point of sobbing as Marino and Victor played the end of the wedding by totally rocking out and everyone cheering and rocking along!

Details.... Blood shot Sunflowers and socks to match. Temptation, denial and fun! We were hugged and kissed by everyone and then the party really started. The drinks started flowing and we sneaked off to have some wedding pictures taken. Brian and Brandon had certainly been more discreet than the news guy and I hadn’t even noticed them snapping away during the service but they had some really brilliant shots. We took some pictures in some great spots including a wall with massive sequins pinned all over it fluttering in the late night breeze and in the middle of Santa Monica Highway, we had a great time chatting with the brothers and were truly amazed by the skill involved in their photography. Listening to them talk about their work is like an infectious energy. They love doing it! They are creating images with a difference and revelling in the patience and practice it takes to capture them.

Friends new and old Once we had plenty of pictures we headed back to join in with the drinking. More friends had arrived and we got stuck into the amazing wine! The ‘Trueblood Pinot Noir’ was to die for (no pun intended) but we had to try a few different ones just to make sure it was our favourite. Everyone just loved our outfits and they definitely made a difference to the whole wedding. They made it super special! We had a great night and partied until way after the witching hour! We eventually left, last ones standing as always and headed back to our new home. We stopped by at Megan and Aarons and found Coco and her flat mate Tristan there too. We decided in our druken wisdom that as it was our wedding night Tristan should let Coco attack him with an eyeliner and that he should perfom as Tim Minchin for us as our wedding gift! The perfect way to finish a perfect day. Laughing with friends until my teeth fell out!

Negatives! Hollywood Vampires! Vampire Lounge the perfect Setting Halloween madness. Smiles all round Again, thanks so so so much to everyone for getting involved! We couldn’t do any of this without you! Mike and Lisa for creating Vampire wine and the Vampire Lounge, Igor for letting us in!, Megan and Coco for contacting Donna at Clockwork Couture and for being our friends, Donna for loaning us the fabulous outfits in exchange for a box of Yorkshire tea, Marni for being an Angel and a beautiful service, Marino and Victor for playing the best wedding soundtrack there ever was and last but most certainly not least Brian and Brandon for A, taking the time out, B. taking truly amazing pictures, C, having an infectious love for what you do and D, just for being really really cool! We loved every second of our Halloween wedding and just can’t thank you all enough for making it so spooktacular!

Get your 3d glasses on! Venue : Vampire Lounge | Pastor : Marni | Attire : Clockwork Couture | Photographer : B Wright Photography | Make-up : Critsa


  1. Owana Wilcox says:

    Wow! These pictures are stunning! So awesome!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Owana… the photographers on this one where totally amazing! All old school kit! Brilliant guys.

  2. Michelle says:

    You guys ARE so in love!! I had tears in my eyes reading this. You write you talk, all excitable and full of emotion. I love love your energy!!!!

    Pics are amazing!!! The evening sounds amazing. The hair and makeup is AMAZING!!

    The friends you’re making along the way sound fabulous!! just like you two xxx

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      So glad you are enjoying it Mich! xxx

  3. Jacquie says:

    I realize how much you each love one another….that’s been evident from the beginning of this big adventure. You are game for anything as you experience each unique wedding…..your outfits (complete with fake blood and vampire teeth) were ultimately scary to me….so they had the desired effect. I’m going to forward this blog to our son (he’s crazy on vampire, horror and I reckon he’ll enjoy seeing/reading the account of your Hallowe’en wedding).

    Now I gotta be honest and say that this would not be my choice for best wedding location…..just ’cause I’m such a softie oldie lady! lol Not known for my love of all things vampireish 🙁

    What I do love is that wherever you travel you amass friends instantly….that’s the best! I must say that the last photo of Alex makes him look like a really smooth actor.

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      I hope you weren’t quaking in your boots too much Jacquie, we didn’t intend to really scare anyone but with the amazing outfits and makeup we really did get into the character of it all! The teeth were fun too! We totally had such a great time and it really is the people that make our journey so amazing! Being able to say we have met friends we will bug for life almost everywhere we have stopped is going to be the most important part of our adventure for us! And, Alex, smooth…of course!! Xx

  4. Donna Ricci says:

    Can I just tell you the tea was totally worth the loan? That was some of the boldest black tea I’ve ever had and I love it! You are adorable and was so glad to make your acquaintance. Should your travels ever bring you back to LA, please pop in for a cuppa.

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Haha, so glad you enjoyed the badass Yorkshire brew and we will be sure to pop in to share one with you if we get back your way! You need to try it with milk, thats how Alex has it…I have it with milk and sugar which apparently is terrible but I love it! Thanks again for your help with the outfits, they really stole the show!

  5. Barbara Tieman says:

    You are a fantastic couple, its so obvious how you feel aboout each other……may you always have that light in your eyes….be safe, love your postings , keep up the good work…..xoxoxoxoxobarb

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Barb, we are missing shooting guns with you! Sorry we cant make it back up to you for Christmas. xxx

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