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A wedding in England! Did I mention it was a complete secret!

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I don’t have any idea where to start to tell you just how magical the whole wedding in England was! Alex had thought of everything! From vows to confetti throwers…we had it all!!!

I had had my hair done-Zoe, and my birdcage put in – silver sixpence in her shoe, my make up done ( a first!!!!) – Emma, a glass of champagne – Nikki, a bite of a cherry bakewell ( the nerves had got to me) – Mr Kipling, and been fastened into Tabitha ( which fit like a glove having only one fitting!)- Charlotte Balbier. It couldn’t get any better; until I was handed the most GORGEOUS bouquet I had ever seen- Sian, full of peonies, sweet Williams, lavender, mint and vintage English rose buds, the exact flowers I would have chosen myself…all on film-and of course photographed! I felt like a very spoilt princess! It was everything a wedding in England could be.

I left White Closet with My Mum and Dad to walk me across to the Metropolitan pub, Didsbury to meet Alex with Johnny  Draper and ‘pearls and Lace’ running along in front and behind so my Dad had no chance of escaping the camera, We laughed about how well everyone had done to keep the secret and how much of an amazing job Alex had done to pull a secret wedding in England together!

My nerves had relaxed after a few more pictures and a bit of a time out while Johnny sorted everyone out and Dad and I walked in to Gavin and John ( The Coolers) singing an acoustic version of wonderful tonight! I couldn’t believe how many people where there! About 30-40 of our family and friends sat there to see our first wedding in England!! All of them co-conspirators I might add….but then I saw Alex! I was absolutely blown away! He looked so handsome and so nervous and I rushed to get to his side!

I had a moment to look around while the song came to an end and noticed the gorgeous flowers matching my bouquet from the Flower Lounge draped around  freestanding  Candelabras and Candle vases. It proved that dreams can come true!

Alex had arranged for Jim Gregory who is a public speaker to hold the ceremony which was amazing and we will add this to another blog for you to read. Then Ilan, a close friend did a reading by Dr Zeus (tweaked to fit of course) again which we will add to the blog ‘wedding ceremony speeches and poems’ and then for the vows which of course made both Alex and I a little teary as they were so lovely and we meant every single word as we said them. Jim pronounced us 2people1life and told Alex he could kiss me. It was perfect!

After we had regained composure Andrea also read out a poem that she had bought us as a wedding gift! You will also find this in ‘wedding ceremony speeches and poems’…and it got us started all over again almost blubbing!! With cameras at every corner and bookshelf (the wedding was held in the library at the Metropolitan pub, Didsbury) I managed not to smudge my beautiful make up by Emma all over my face and Alex stayed manly looking and didn’t cry!!

We walked back up the aisle together to  Gavin and John singing and that was the first real chance I had had to see who had been keeping this huge secret from me and gasped as everyone came up and congratulated us both!! Family, old friends, new friends and lots of new faces all of whom had helped Alex put the day together so well!

Johnny got everyone sorted outside and we came out of the door to confetti
and bubbles supplied by and all things nice and very well thrown by our guests and some of the children from Cavendish School who had made us the most beautiful cards and almost made me cry again at how adorable they were!

Everyone had made such an effort for our special day and this was only just the beginning!

Here is everyone that made our wedding in England possible!

Photography: Jonny Draper Photography | Wedding Dress: Charlotte Balbier from The White Closet | Bridal Accessories: Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe | Makeup: Emma Draper MUA | Flowers: Didsbury Flower Lounge | Decor: And all things nice | Music ; King & Jones | Zoe Chiotis | Food and drink: And The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon Thyme Out DeliFrankies Fish Bar Reserve Wine | Rhubarb Restaurant Love to Eat Restaurant Pinchjo’s Restaurant | Ceremony: The Metropolitan Pub Didsbury |Held by Jim Gregory | Planners: Didsbury Life

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  1. mother of the groom! says:

    How proud How amazing that one young man could pull all of that off!
    It was truly the most wonderful day . Thanks to all the businesses who helped make the day so magical and i hope to get invited to the next one!
    The cameras are rolling in Toronto already as these two catch the imagination of the world!
    Go for it my lovlies and enjoy!!!!!!!!!

  2. How absolutely amazing that this is where it all started with the first Wedding Ceremony! Love, Love, Love it, Alex and Lisa! I am totally inspired!

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Jennifer! It was an amazing start to what has been a fantastic trip! xx

  3. Carolina Salazar says:

    That is just the lamest idea I’ve ever heard. I think you’re just avoiding to officially tie the knot and actually starting a real life together. Or you are just trying to make money out of it. Whatever your intention is I just don’t believe that is smart to perform 60 weddings before performing the official wedding. If you really wanted to understand how local weddings are performed in different places just ask the local people. The ceremonies that you are performing can’t even be called weddings, it seems to me you are just two juvenile persons playing to be grown ups and performing weddings as if marriage was a game

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Carolina,
      Thanks for taking the time to get in touch with us.
      I am sorry that you think our idea is lame. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and I’m glad you shared yours with us.
      While I am happy to hear your opinions on our adventure, I have to correct you about the presumptions you have made about our relationship. Firstly, we are certainly not avoiding tying the knot and believe me when I say that we live a ‘real life’ together. Living on the road for three years in a rusty old camper, driving around the World is a huge challenge at times, and we work as hard at our marriage as the next couple.

      With regards to asking people about their experiences to learn about the culture and tradition of weddings; if you wanted to skydive, or run a marathon, or enter into a relationship with someone, for instance, do you think that asking someone else about THEIR experience would be suffice? Would you not need to experience these things for yourself before deciding if it was for you?

      I really hope you will read a little further into our adventure and our journey as a couple before completely making your mind up, but if not, thanks for being passionate enough to tell us what you think.

      1. Emma says:

        I read through the full article until I realised it was 2011. Still very much inspiring though.
        Really a proud moment and amazing in equal measure. Wish more young ones could put together some as amazing and pull it off in a similar way! Such a truly the wonderful day deserves every one of my praises.

        1. Lisa & Alex says:

          Hi Emma,
          Thanks for dropping us a line. The wedding was so long ago but was still so very cool! One of our favourites for sure, and that is saying something after 67 weddings! 🙂

          Thanks so much for the praise, it means a lot to us! 🙂

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