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Life in Melbourne

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The long delay on getting our home on wheels back has been a bit of a spanner in the works but one we are learning to deal with, a glass of wine at a time!

We have found ourselves totally falling into the pace of life here in Melbourne. The buzz of St Kilda was contagious and we wound up wandering the streets enjoying the crowds (a little bit at a time) every day. There was always something to see and do. The St Kilda Festival was insane! SO busy everywhere. For an entire week the streets were choc-a-block and dry zones were policed by the mounted police, police on bikes and on foot, with over 350,000 party goers in attendance it was definitely ripe for some trouble though we didn’t see any.

St Kilda festival

Food stalls, clothing stalls, restaurants and bars were overflowing into the streets and the music blared from the stage on the beach. Anticipating the clean up the monday after the week long festival we were surprised to find the party just NEVER stopped. Day after day after day of party. As much as we loved the house and the area, the non-stop party town was done with us, our cute little house was rented out and we had to leave for pastures new.


numerous failed selfies in the mouth of St Kilda

numerous failed selfies in the mouth of St Kilda


home from home St Kilda

Our new temporary home is a little further south along the coast in glorious Hampton. Like St Kilda but for grown ups we instantly fit right in. A great fruit market, butchers, bakers, fish mongers and a CHEESE SHOP we were immediately in seventh heaven…then we found our apartment and now we feel like we may never leave!

We have outdoor space, the beach is across the street, the ‘village’ is a 5 minute walk away and the apartment owner has left a Balinese cook book out which I am already into by 4 recipes! We spent the weekend eating, cooking and paddling in the Ocean. The sunset last nigh twas mind blowingly spectacular flanked by an incredible electrical storm! We love it here and could see ourselves settling here, if only it wasn’t so far away from EVERYTHING.


Alex's pho was SO hot his eyes were watering!

Alex’s pho was SO hot his eyes were watering out at dinner last week!


We are here for another week but we are slowly beginning to crave the open road again. Being in a house is a treat but we can get a bit lonely. The house makes me want to have friends over for dinner, the outdoor space here makes me want to garden and start planting things and the great food markets make me want to stock up…and I can’t do any of those things, SO, instead we will work on running, cooking and eating more and planning our Australian roadtrip.

My Big Gala on the beach!

My Big Gala on the beach!

Any hints and tips on what we MUST do while we are here just let us know, we love insider knowledge from locals and, hell, if you are in Hampton and fancy joining us for dinner this week (it WILL be Balinese), just holler!

Oh, and follow us in real time on INSTAGRAM too to see what we are up to on a daily basis…or jump to the wedding in Australia!


  1. mike says:

    so glad you kids are having a blast down there, that festival sounds like a blast…..also glad to hear the open road is calling your name. looking forward to Boris’ first international adventures 🙂

    1. Lisa & Alex says:

      We CANNOT wait to get our wheels back Mike and Anne! We feel like our limbs have been removed it has been SOOOO long! We have loved LIVING here though, such a great test to see if it is somewhere we could see ourselves settling in the future.
      Plus, it’s not minus 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeez you guys are brave! Xxx 🙂 x

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