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Our project is established but our site is new and although we have weddings specialists in over 60 countries it’s going to take time to get everyone on the ship. If you can’t find exactly what you want please get in touch and if you are an awesome wedding specialist or you know people you want to recommend let us know.

A couple that have just been married walk down the beach in Scotland with a traditional wedding pipe band

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It is simple, you send us an email via our ‘Request A Consultation’ form and tell us what you would like help with. We will email you back and start a conversation. You can do that right now.

For example, we were recently contacted by a gentleman to arrange a surprise vow renewal at The Treasury in Petra. Not to brag... Well, maybe a little. The couple told us it was the best day their lives. They renewed their wedding vows at one of the 7 wonders of the new world, illuminated by a thousand candles and a million stars and it was all a complete surprise to his wife until it was happening. That kind of magic isn’t easy to come by.

It might be that you have most things planned and several professionals in place, but just can’t find the perfect final piece of the puzzle. Let us know what or who you need and we will direct you to the answer that best suits your needs.

You might not even have a clue where to start with choosing a location for your wedding day or elopement. We have travelled to over 70 countries and once we get to know what you and your partner are looking for we can completely personalize your experience. We can advise you on countries and locations and even find you a complete wedding dream team to pull it off.

We are your Global Wedding Experts. As much or as little help you need, we are happy to provide it.

There is no fee for your consultation, this is mainly because we are excited to talk to you and hear about your dream day. It is a chance for us to get creative with you, for us to sing the praises of those wedding professionals we keep going on about and basically get to know you… we should pay you really!

When we get down to business we only charge 10% of the cost of any services or professionals we connect you with. It is impossible for us to offer a fixed fee on this page. Some of our clients need us to simply find them an awesome photographer, others want us for an epic all out wedding in the mountains of Tibet! You can rest easy knowing that all fees will be completely outlined in any packages we build and only then will we ask for a deposit reflective of the agreed services.

"Ready to get started? Get in contact with us today!" 

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steampunk bride and groom stand in Bourbon Street in New Orleans after their wedding
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