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This is our plan for the next 3 years! We do our best to stick to this plan but it changes everyday so please don’t take it as gospel! If you want to check our current plans come visit us on Facebook .


We love all feedback and would love to hear yours!

  1. Isabella says:

    AMAZING. Good luck on your journey! wish i could have photographed your montreal wedding.

  2. Jacquie says:

    I’ve been looking through your travel blog….what fun you’ve had :) I hope you will get a chance to visit Vancouver, B.C. on your travels (my birthplace and where I lived, married and had two children). We all emigrated to the UK in 1983 and I believe you know our daughter, Brenda Jones (M & S).

    My hubby and I were married on Bowen Island (offshore from Vancouver) and there is a lovely little church there (Bowen Island United Church)….maybe you could schedule a visit to the Island? (a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Snug Cove on Bowen Island).

    I would recommend visiting Stanley Park and The Museum of Anthropology (on the University of B.C. campus) in Vancouver.

    I’ll be following your blog as I’ve subscribed to your updates. So far you both are having a magical time and there is plenty of adventure ahead.

    Congratulations !

  3. nick says:

    Looks like the Southern Californian celebrations are not up yet, but they were fun – a gothic celebration with fangs, wine and lots of fake blood. If all your weddings are this good, you’re never going to want to stop.
    Just brilliant. See you soon before you go.

  4. Tamar Mendelsohn says:

    I highly recommend you visiting Israel and having a ceremony at the Western Wall in Jerusalem!! X

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks Tamar! We have Israel on the visit list and we have even been lucky enough to have a wedding photographer in Israel offer to take the shots. We just need a Rabbi who is happy to hold us a commitment ceremony and we will be over the moon!

  5. Prav says:

    Best of luck! I think this is a great idea! Be sure to put Singapore on your map for a truly East meets West wedding :)

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Prav, we will be sure to stop in Singapore. We hear lots of great reports and I think your point is great that it would be an east meets west wedding! And now we have the title for that blog post. :-)

  6. Angel says:

    I hope you visit India and have at least one wedding there. The Hindu customs are different in the north, east, west, and south, and each wedding style tends to be grand! Imagine the weddings last 3 days or more! Would love to see the couple in Indian wedding attire complete with flower garlands, bindi, henna, etc. Have fun!

  7. Katya says:

    Hi Lisa and Alex!
    Congrats on your wedding (s) :-)!!!
    What an awesome idea! Come to Ukraine and experience traditional Hutsul Wedding (Western Ukraine)
    If you need any help w/ the language or anything else here, please let me know.
    Good luck!

  8. Feby says:

    Hi Lisa and Alex, I’m so happy for you guys… I hope you will have a time to visit Indonesia, especially BALI ISLAND. A beautiful island with beaches and culture. And for you Lisa, you will have a beautiful culture wedding gown. You will have a great experience and you wont regret. Me and my husband spent 2 weeks in our honeymoon in Bali. Take care you guys… best regard from California ;o)

  9. Mimi says:

    I just foud this blog, dont know how :) but I have to tell you I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!!
    Are you planning to come to Venice, if you come believe me I’ll be there.
    I think it woulb be so romantic having a very traditional Italian wedding in a Villa or even in a gondola.

  10. Lea Wanjaria says:


    This is so exciting, if you do come to Kenya, I want an invite to your wedding


  11. earlene says:

    wow, i would love to take picture of your wedding if you ever come to indonesia , indonesia is really a beautiful country, and we have many different culture , and the nature was really great here. recomended spot like bali, raja ampat, pulau karimun jawa, pulau seribu, mountain bromo and the dessert, kawah putih, it was all so great. it was like none other in this world.

    please look through it, u guy’s might fall in love with the place

  12. Kwanza Bowe says:

    So excited to have you two at Chat ‘N’ Chill® in The Exuma Island of The Bahamas on 12-12-12!!

    The Exuma Destination Wedding Expert

  13. Liz says:

    I saw your link on Facebook and I just think your journey is truly amazing. My fiancee just recently passed away this month and this was something we had actually talked about doing, just not to your extent. I’m so glad there is love out there like the love I shared with my significant other. Congratulations to you both!

  14. Isabella Saldanha says:

    Wish you guys all the best! You must be living the dream, like a fairytale in real life.
    Hope you enjoyed your time in Brazil!

  15. Andy Wurm says:

    lots and more love from us to U, Andy & Margrit New Zealand, see our other comments on your site

  16. Dany Imamura says:

    Até chorei vendo o que vcs fazem por amor e pela aventura…
    Quando vocês vem pro Japão??


    I cried seeing what you guys do for love and adventure …
    When you come to Japan?

  17. Jenny says:

    What an amazing idea. I’m assuming that if you’re taking your camper van around the world does that mean you’re avoiding flying – travelling around the world without flying has always been a dream for me (one day…) so it’s interesting to hear what you’re doing from taht perspective.

    Meanwhile I think it’s an amazing idea and I hope you continue to have the time of your lives :).

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Apart from the shipping across the oceans we are driving all the way. It has been an amazing way to see all the countries so far. :-) I hope you get the chance to take an overland trip to. Thanks for taking the time to offer your kind words of support! x

  18. Natasha says:

    Hoping you get to have a ceremony in South Africa in the KZN Midlands. Shout if you need a photographer <3

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Natasha, We did and are just about to post about it. We had a traditional Zulu wedding at iSithumba in the Valley of 1000 Hills. Thank you so much for the offer. xx

  19. ChokoEc says:

    When they come to Ecuador?

  20. Elena says:

    Lisa&Alex, welcome to Russia and I would like to be your photographer here.

  21. Helene says:

    Such a good idea!
    I really love it

  22. pelin says:

    come to Turkeyyyy:))) davullu zurnalı size düğün gösterelim:) I can take a photo of you:)

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Pelin! Thanks for the email and very kind offer to take our pictures. We are actually in Turkey right now! We had our Turkish ceremony 4 weeks ago in Dalaman! It will be posted on the blog soon, sign up to our monthly news letter and you will get an email when we post about Turkey. http://eepurl.com/dZ91b

  23. Mirian Cubas says:

    Estou muito feliz por vocês terem conseguido realizar tantas juras de AMOR. Eu e meu marido também tivemos essa ideia e já realizamos 17 celebrações matrimoniais em diversos Países, e agora vou acompanhar vocês para que possamos continuar e nos inspirar nos locais que vocês já casaram. Um grande abraço e Boas Bodas
    Mirian e Rubens

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Uau, parabéns Mirian e Rubens, o que é uma aventura fantástica! Eu temo esta pergunta, mas eu tenho que perguntar, onde era o seu lugar favorito?
      Estamos tão felizes que pode inspirá-lo a continuar em sua missão e estamos muito felizes de ouvir de pessoas que também querem confirmar a sua relação, independentemente de onde você está.
      Obrigado por entrar em contato, e os melhores votos para a sua próxima cerimônia!



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