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Another Day, Another Wedding!

Press ReleaseAlex Pelling and Lisa Gant are a couple in love and in search of the perfect place to get married. Unable to find exactly what they wanted online or in wedding magazines, they decided to leave their home in Manchester, England, and look for that perfect spot and ultimate experience by travelling around the world and seeing for themselves.


Since early 2011, they have participated in more than 60 wedding ceremonies in over 50 countries, in the two and a half years they have been on the road.


Many other couples are in search of unique wedding venues and themes, and to help them Alex and Lisa share their experiences on their 2people1life blog. Now their blog postings have had more than a million views, and their Facebook page has more than 40 thousand followers, as they experience the wonderful variety of cultures and traditions around the world, and determine why virtually every society on earth celebrates marriage. Their personal experiences, supported by local experts including shamans, Zulu chiefs, pastors, vicars, rabbis and even a Voodoo priestess, not to mention an army of wedding photographers and dedicated wedding professionals who have donated their time and skills to Alex and Lisa’s quest, tell a compelling and romantic story.


When they have been right around the world, they will pick their favorite location and head back there for a real and final wedding ceremony inviting everyone they have met along the way.



Alex Pelling;

Lisa Gant;

Alex and Lisa are available for interviews and have appeared on many television shows, including Ellen, with Ellen DeGeneres, the Today Show with Savannah and the Lorraine Kelly Show. Reports have appeared in print in over 70 countries and they were married by Martha Stewart herself in NYC.


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BACKGROUND:  When Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant were researching weddings, they found amazing manor houses, castles, beaches, garden parties, and more, but not what they were looking for. So they saved their money, sold everything, including Alex’s business and their home in Manchester, England, and in early 2011 set off around the world in search of the ultimate wedding. First stop was Canada, where they bought a 1987 camper van, nicknamed Peggy, and drove across the country, then down though the western United States, Central America and western South America, crossing over the Andes and up the eastern side of the continent. They shipped Peggy back to Florida and continued up the east coast, with side trips all over the place. While Peggy travelled by sea they flew back to UK for Christmas 2012 and visits with family they hadn’t seen for 18 months. They have driven Europe and North Africa with flying trips to South Africa and Tahiti and now they plan to drive across  the middle-east, Asia and eventually to Australia. Their original two-year trip has already been extended to four years, as they accommodate invitations from Azerbaijan to the Philippines.


YOU CAN HELP: If you have a suggestion for an amazing wedding or a totally unique venue or experience, or are a wedding professional who wants to get involved, please contact Alex or Lisa (see email addresses above) or check out their blog at



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