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About Lisa

I love all the best things in life…

Hi I’m Lisa and I’m the other half of 2people1life! I am 30 and completely crazy about Alex (the better half) and our amazing life!

You’ve probably read how all of this happened in the ‘about us’ section but more importantly, a little about me, me, me! (This is of course a joke! You will learn of my dry humour as you read on I am sure!)

I love all the best things in life…to me these things are family, friends, food, wine, crafts and anything sparkly!

This is our first time blogging and just hope that you will enjoy being a part of our wild adventure!

A little bit more…about me!

It really sounds silly but the above isn’t REALLY me at all. When we started this adventure I don’t think I really knew ‘about me’!
It has taken me 624 days of driving 65,000km around 25 countries to realise a little bit more about the person I am.

Although I DO like sparkly things, I can (and DO) live without them happily, my love of cooking, eating and drinking wine remains, as does my intense love for my family but that’s not really anything to do with WHO I am.

I have learned that I am chatty…I can (and DO) talk to anyone.
I am brave…I will do pretty much anything anyone asks me to do.
I am daring…we wild camp most nighs, I jumped off a moving boat…I even CHOSE to go shark cage diving!!
I am caring, friendly, vivacious and (apparently) funny.

I swear a LOT but not EVER aggressively. I am (accidentally) offensive with my dry humour and I am VERY afraid to disappoint anyone…ever.
I am rarely (in my opinion) wrong and struggle to say sorry and I am deeply in love with my husband to be!

Most importantly, I am finally me!


We love all feedback and would love to hear yours!

  1. Kwanza Bowe says:

    Lisa, can’t wait to meet you! Based on what you said about the best things in life, you are going to LOVE The Exuma Islands in The Bahamas…it’s all all about family friends, crafts, wine (RUM), and our waters sparkle like none other in the world!!

    Can’t wait to see you and Alex swim with the pigs and tie the knot at Chat ‘N’ Chill! Have fun and see you at the beach!

    The Exuma Destination Wedding Expert

  2. I made a post about your journey on my blog. I hope there is no problem, put some of his beautiful photographs. And pointed out the blog for all of you follow. Thank you for providing us these beautiful pictures! From Brazil – Mariana Siqueira

  3. Alex Carling says:

    I think that is a wonderful brief description of who you are. That person is one who I have had the pleasure of knowing and calling my friend for almost 20 years (gulp). I am so pleased, and it shows in my goose pimples, how you have had the life changing opportunity to find yourself…. I’d recommend it to anyone to truly find themselves and how creative of you to find such a fun and romantic way to travel your journey. For you, both, I am happy and I love you millions xxx

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Aww shucks Al, thanks so much. I’m glad I haven’t changed as such, it just took a while to know how to describe myself, not just the things I like or find important! Thanks for your continued support on this wild adventure, this relationship Alex and I waited a long time for and also for your amazing friendship throughout the last 20 (are you sure thats right ;-)) years! Love you millions too Xxx



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