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  1. Karen says:

    Hi Guys
    Sorry i couldnt make yesterday i had to work then was having Grace for the night, Guy said it was a really nice day.
    Well just wanted to wish you all the luck in the world for ya travels.

    Happy Weddings

    Lots of Love

    Karen & Guy xxxx

  2. Alex Carling says:

    Hey you guys…… I am a self confessed hopeless romantic and yet this is so far away from what I thought could ever happen, to anyone, ever…… Every time I read something I have to give myself a slap to sort my self out, tears just want to sneak up on me and my skin hurts with goose pimples!!

    I wish you both all the best and I wait in anticipation for up-date after up-date; my regret being that I had no idea this was happening and I didn’t play my part……..
    which to be fair woudl probably have been in the back ground being a snivveling wreck haha….xx

    Take care of her Alex (as if she needs taking care of) and Lise – I love you soooo much!!

    Be happy all the way,

    Alex xxxxxxxxxx

  3. Claire & Tim says:

    Hey guys,

    Your blog and pics so far are amazing. So gutted we couldn’t share the last day with you but we’ll be thinking about you lots and hope you have the most amazing experience of your lives.

    Looking forward to hearing all about the next big day!

    Take care and keep in touch.

    Lots of love, Claire & Tim xxxx

  4. lynsey stone says:

    Haaaha this is amazing!! I dont think ive fully comprehended all of this yet, but if you do happen to come to Australia, please let me know! I will do my ultimate best to be there!

    Wishing you every happiness, travelling is the most amazing thing, especially with the one you love, I will be watching to see where you go next xxxxxx

  5. Barbara Tieman says:

    Hey guys……going down ujnder would be the best of all, you would have the time of your life, I am so happy for y touch Barb

  6. Jacquie says:

    Love the idea of the wedding invite draw… just keep coming up with so many unique ideas! You are only just really starting on your 2 year adventure and already you’ve experienced some wonderful moments (and weddings).

    I’ll be watching as your continue on your journey of love and discovery :) (((hugs)))

  7. Good Morning Lisa and Alex!!

    I just wanted to stop by to let you know that your story is LIVE on Tying The Knott which you, and everyone else is welcome to read at the link below…

    Also, I have placed a link to this page for our readers, members, and subscribers to our RSS News Feed… Sending them your way so they can read your blogs throughout your journey and also to get more details on your expense-paid invitation for one lucky reader to attend your final wedding destination.

    You should get an increase of traffic from those who read our news articles and also members of our website. I will be in touch again soon when I’m preparing the next article. I hope that you’re both having many amazing experiences and creating memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your lives together.

    Best Wishes!
    Phillip Brunelle
    Journalist & Founder of
    Tying The Knott Wedding Community

  8. Dear Alex and Lisa,

    We are enchanted by your journey and your search for the perfect wedding!
    We hope that we will see you Indonesia next year.
    We think MAHAMAYA Boutique Resort is the perfect weeding venue and Gili Meno island is an idyllic location.
    We could be your wedding on the beach venue? Feel free to contact us for more information.

    Best Wishes for your search, we be following you!

    Ali Roberts
    MAHAMAYA Boutique Resort

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Alison,

      We will be coming to Indonesia for sure and we would love to come and visit! Thank you so much for offering to be our beach venue! The resort looks amazing and we cant wait. We will be in touch for sure. xx

  9. Lorena says:

    I met you tonight when you came into our campground and just love what you are doing!! Thank you for sharing this! Hopefully, I’ll see your wedding at Pike Place Market on Thursday!

  10. Rebecca Mcgeehan says:

    Hey Guys!

    Just wanted to say I’m so excited that you’re still doing all of these!! Probably one of the most romantic things! Every time I tell someone about it they are just in Awe. Hope someone gets you a really beautiful array of photo albums for the real day so you can have albums to look back on! I have to say the pictures under water are my favourite so far! But we’re going to keep checking for new and awesome ones in the weddings to come

    Best of luck!

  11. Amber says:

    what you two have is lovely! may all your marriages be blissful!!!! EVERY ONE OF THEM!

  12. Jaclyn says:

    Aww you two are just too cute! I love seeing the pictures of your different wedding ceremonies!


  13. Flora says:

    Hi Guys!
    I’m a 15 yrs old girl from Hungary, and I hope you come to Europe, Hungary (Budapest)! :)) Your story is a real fairytale!
    xoxo ^^

  14. Wish you were having a wedding in Scotland.

  15. Keith says:

    Hi Guys!

    Just a note from Myrtle Beach, SC to say hello and good luck to you at each wedding location! I am available to officiate your wedding when it comes here. I hope you find our area a fine place to marry and celebrate that marriage!

    God bless,

    Rev. Keith

  16. Kate says:

    Hi! I know you said you were coming to NY in December. When in December is your wedding and how do I get the details? I’d love to attend!

  17. Anne says:

    Exciting! Great idea – enjoy!!!!!!

  18. Lynne & Mick says:

    Hi folks – thank you for inviting us to your wedding at Aberglasney. Such a wonderfully moving ceremony in beautiful surroundings and even the weather was brilliant. Hope you are continuing your amazing adventure with all the love, passion and fun which exuded from you both. Happy travelling! Love, Lynne and Mick xx

  19. Sevgim Deniz says:


    I am not sure if it’s in your itin. but if you miss it it would be a huge omission (I think) :) Make sure to get married in Istanbul, Turkey! You cannot find a more magical, historical and beautiful city sitting on two continents at the same time :) Oh and if you are going to be close by on September 13, you are invited to our (Turkish girl, Slovakian guy living in the US) wedding :)

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Deniz,

      Thanks for your message and even more for the invite to your wedding! We are coming to Turkey but towards the end of October so sadly we will miss your ceremony. But of course we plan to have a Turkish wedding, how could we miss out! Keep in touch and you are both more than welcome to come along. xx

  20. Connor Elise says:

    Hi Lisa & Alex,
    You guys are so awesome. Each wedding is so beautiful and amazing :) If you are ever married in Myrtle Beach I would love to see it :)

  21. Alle says:

    Salut je m’appelle AllĂ© j’ai 29 ans j’aimerais bien assisitĂ© je vie au Senegal Dakar ok.

  22. ika says:

    I get teary every-time I read your blog,I wish you guys a happy life together and keep those weddings coming.I wonder if you’ll invite all of us to the last wedding.

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Thanks so much and we are so happy to hear you are enjoying the blogs. We do believe the final wedding will be rather large! :-) We hope a lot of people that have helped us on our adventure and supported us through the journey will come along as friends.

      Also if you make a small donation to UNicef via our wedding registry page, you are in for a chance to win a flight and accommodation wherever our wedding will be in the world…and of course, we will want the winners to attend the wedding! donate at for a chance to win!

      Thanks again for such kind wishes! Xx

  23. Sarah says:

    how about a wedding in Jeddah, KSA? :D

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Sarah, thanks for your suggestion! Of course we would love to have a wedding in Jeddah. We are just working on how we could get there. As we normally travel in our camper van it may be difficult to get to Jeddah because our budget is minimal. But we will try! xx

  24. Sbyn Fysl says:

    Do tell me ur plan when u come to Lahore,Pakistan. I’ll try my best to come and visit u guys!

  25. sophie says:

    Hello! Congratulations on your weddings!
    I’m french and a bride to be, i’m getting married in France but i would like to surprise my husband and get married in England, do you have any idea how I could do that, knowing I would already be married?
    Thank you!

  26. True Karachiwala says:

    In today’s newspaper I read about your wedding in Karachi. You two looked superb especially Lisa in red suit. You just brought a whole new adventure in relationship.
    I believe your wedding in Karachi must have made you happy and know the delicacies involved in this great event in one’s life. Best of luck!



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