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  1. TR Rickey says:

    If you are going to be around the Calgary area for a couple of days, you might want to check out a Calgary Vipers baseball game (, Heritage Park (, Fort Calgary, the Calgary tower,
    or GlobalFest (this is an international fireworks festival being held in the city this week)

  2. Wendy Wade says:

    Hi. If you are ever in the New England/Tri State/East Coast Area of the US contact us. Provided we are avaialbel, we would be willing to shoot one of your wedding adventures. What an amazing concept!

    Wendy and Traci
    Owners of Shades Shutters Photography

  3. Jhon says:

    Wooww…I just saw both of you in Brazilian TV. Amazing project. I wish I had your determination to do the same…
    Good luck to you and enjoy you said.a beautiful country….you have to go south of Brazil…Rio Grande do Sul..amazing landscapes and very different brazilian must go there (is where I live)..thanks

  4. Jacquie says:

    I tried to post a comment on “Never a goodbye, always a farewell”…..the code wasn’t recognized. I’ve had this trouble before and I don’t know why it happens :) I wanted to cut and paste the comment and place it on the FB page but couldn’t cut & paste as the whole article, including comments is copyrighted and right click is not allowed!

    Frustrated isn’t the word for it….anyhow I loved this blog, the gown, the team, the happy smiles, the beautiful location….all so wonderful. Well done Princess :)

    I hope you are able to sort out the issue with the comments. I’ve a poorly laptop that has to go into the workshop so can only post for short periods….when our son isn’t using his laptop and can loan it to me. I’ll do my best to keep up to date with your travels. Happy trails. xx

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Jacquie, the new copyright thing has been put in place but we will look into a way for you to get around it.

      The Code thingy is a real pain but we have to have it as some days we can get hit with over 1000 spam emails without it. :-)

      Glad you like the blog post though! xx

  5. Jacquie says:

    Okey dokey….no probs just wanted to let you know about what has been happening… sounds like you already know about the access problems and the copyright issues. I’ll be happy to leave it with you; enjoy your break while you await Peggy’s arrival in the States…and especially the longed-for visit with your mom in LA. I know how much that will mean to you…being an accessible location for your mom I’m sure you’ll be able to do lots together and just get real life cuddles, hugs and lots of chatter….shopping of course!! (lol) and also getting your Yorkshire tea (or whatever brand it is you are longing to taste; just need good water next…not always easy to find in some US cities by my experiences).

    I am excited for you both to be having a break to re-group and plan and dream the next stages of this fantastic journey….happy trails! xxxxxx

  6. where the heck are you now???? We saw you on TV last night. First Edition. You both look great. Sounds like all is going well. Bill and I just watched your Nicaragua wedding, got a few laughs and a good memory. We tell everyone to get on line to watch . Bill has room for you to stay here if you need a place to stay while in Massachusetts??????????? Not far from Boston, the Cape Cod ,the Ocean Pilgrim Plantation,all kinds of places I know, everyone wants you. Call if you want……. would love to hear from you, Chris and Bill Boston

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Christine! We are in LA at the moment! We are really hoping to be able to get up to you before we leave the US in December! We need to get the video of the wedding from you guys! We have lost our copy. xx

  7. You are so far away. LA must be having fun? I will have to look for the video. I hope Bill has it. I will let you know. We would love to see you. Enjoy and we will keep in touch, chris and Bill in Boston

  8. Rudy says:

    Hey this is Rudy. Met you today and spun a little fire at your wedding tonight. Had some good food with you at bubba’s. Great to meet you and loving you two. Live your dream and dance your dance. You rule.

  9. Matt says:

    Hello! Hung out with you two awesome people today at Myrtle Beach, just wanted to remind you again that you two are doing it right and it was really inspiring to see that. Enjoy the rest of your travels keep it up and we will do the same. Cheers

  10. Traci Huber says:

    You both look so happy and in love…good luck and CONGRATS!!!! I can only hope and pray that someday I can find the kind of love that you two have….I love all the pictures… are awesome for sharing your lives with us!!!!

  11. Heike says:

    Dear Lisa and Alex,

    I am following you several months and you make me smile. Thanks!

    I posted an article about your wonderfull adventure. Hope there will be no problems with the Image rights:

    Have a fantastic journey, Heike

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Heike! Thanks for the follow and thanks for the blog post. :-) We are happy for you to us the pictures in that piece. Maybe we will see you in Munich as we are coming towards the end of June this year! x

  12. Pau says:

    Hey you both! me and my hubby are traveling to europe next May. Have you been there yet? Plis let me know! We re from Argentina.

    Bests wishes!!

  13. Lynne and Mick Taylor says:

    Hi folks – thank you for inviting us to your wedding in Aberglasney – sorry it has taken so long to catch up. It was a beautiful day with beautiful words for two beautiful people. We enjoyed meeting you very much. Such a wonderful adventure and lots more to look forward to. Mick says you are a typical Gant – full of adventure and fun!! Love to you both, Lynne and Mick xx

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi! No problem! We know what it’s like to be busy. Thanks for coming along for the ceremony in Wales and hope to see you again. Alex & Lisa xxx

  14. Lucy says:

    Hi Chaps sounds like you are having the time of your life. My husband and I are intending to do Pan-Am Highway trip starting in Alaska and ending in Chile or the other way round. Our dilemma is do we ship a vehicle from the UK or purchase one over in USA or Canada and researching this I came across your name on the Drive Americas website and saw you were from the UK. So I was wondering what you did, did you import or buy it abroad. If you purchased abroad could you tell me where as I have read that to buy a vehicle in the USA or Canada you have a residential address.
    Many thanks.

    PS make you find somewhere to live abroad as the weather here is crap.

  15. mari nakazawa says:

    Hi! Lisa and Alex.
    I live in japan and work at wedding company.
    Now I am preparing for opening our new cafe,where someone can enjoy sweet wedding party.
    Our new cafe is in Asakusa and near Kaminarimon,where tourist like very much.
    So if you come toJapan, I would like to help you to have special party in Asakusa!
    Maybe i can do puroduction the most elegant wedding party in Japan!

  16. Rene Flindt says:

    Moin Moin.

    Amazing story! If you need a german wedding photographer, I would do it for free!
    Have a look at my pictures on:

    I live near Hamburg.

    Wish you good luck on your “weddingjourney”!


  17. Lisa Hogg says:

    We absolutely love you, your blog and your adventure! What an amazing story, a fabulous idea and well, I can’t wait to find out where you’ll be finally getting married. Thank you so much for being part of The Wedding Affair’s #weddinghourlive recently… the mad but outrageously fun Halloween Wedding Industry Networking Party. Wishing you all the very best for the rest of your trip and hoping we’ll be able to blog your story one day… after you’re famous of course, if you still remember us! Have fun guys… x Lisa

  18. Brianna says:

    Hi there! Bit of a minor question, but do you remember where you got your hankies for the wedding in Ireland? Many thanks!

  19. Teresa says:

    Have you been to Honduras? If so can you direct me to your journal about that? I’m interested in what a tradition wedding is like for them. Thanks.

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Teresa, here is the link to our Honduran wedding. We actually married on the island of Utila in a GORGEOUS little place, you can see it all here.

      Sadly we couldn’t find anyone to help us find out more about the traditions and culture of Honduras as it was still early days in our travels but a lot of the central American countries have similar traditions, take a look at our Guatemalan wedding which was very traditional.

      Thanks for getting in touch! X

  20. Essipit says:

    Dear team,

    Did you go to Essipit for holidays ? because few vistors come from your website?
    Thanks. Take care.

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi, we did visit Essipit yes, right at the beginning of our trip. We had such an amazing day and saw the whales! We are so pleased people are coming to you from our site, such an amazing place! X

  21. Lisa Tomlinson says:

    Hi Alex, hope you are both well. Everything looks like it’s going well on your adventure of a lifetime & I’m made up for you both! Just to let you know that I’ve left Cruden so if you contact me you will need to do so on my home e-mail. Look after yourselves and keep up these great updates. xx

  22. Peggy says:

    Love your story! really inspiring, I will see everything from a different perspective : )

    Best wishes from Ecuador!

  23. Dear couple &ِ Alex -lisa : hello!
    At the occasion of Your marriage of sixty-eighth , i bless you, and i wished you a happy life full of happiness and all the Happy Year.
    when you are in Petra i invite to visit us for a cup of coffee
    Adel Tarabulsi – Mussa Spring Hotel – Petra – Jordan



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