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So you have read about our wild wedding adventure and what it entails….

Maybe you read it here?                              Maybe you saw it here?                                  Or maybe even here?




Wherever you heard about us we hope you heard that its your help that makes this wedding adventure possible!

Our journey is self funded having saved for years and selling everything we own, (which wasn’t a lot) so our budget is tight.

BUT by exchanging your time and help for lots of love and if your in business ‘extensive media coverage’ we are no longer just two bums driving around the world in a 25 year old van. Instead we can all come together to create something beautiful for very little (if any) cost and show the world how you and your country celebrates the culture and tradition of marriage.

Ultimately you can help show that if you follow your dreams you can make them come true wherever you may be.

So get in touch now! Join us on Facebook and Twitter then email us at and We look forward to hearing from you. xx


We love all feedback and would love to hear yours!

  1. Anita says:

    Claudia:Creo que las organizadoras de I Do Guatemala hcoreiin un excelente trabajo guiando a esta pareja a elaborar una boda con ese encanto natural.Una boda elegante ,intima, natural y colorida, con detalles que la hcoreiin especial y unica.

  2. Jelena says:

    I notecited that you’re traveling accross America. Have you thouth abaout other destination? Well, I have a proposal for you. Why don’t you get married in Croatia, in Plitvice lakes, under “The big waterfall”…. In this email I’m sending you a link so you can imagine how bautifull it is.!-4857.aspx

    And this is the lnk of official website of Plitvice lakes

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Jelena, We are going to make it to Europe early next year and we would really love to have a ceremony in Croatia! I will have a look at at you recommendations! Thanks for sending them over and hopefully you can make the wedding there as well! xx

  3. danielle says:

    Was I the first in Maine by any chance? I hope you guys enjoy your wonderful adventures!

  4. Neema says:

    Have you thought of traveling to Africa and doing the traditional weddings?Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria or Uganda?You will love it, if so let me know, i have a few people and places i could recommend….

  5. Mary says:

    Have you thought about Egypt?
    It is exotic in and of itself but we have exotic within exotic places here such as Siwa, Luxor, Aswan to say nothing of the resorts of Sharm el Sheik and of course Cairo.

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Mary, we are looking at Egypt. They have a really high temporary import tax for ‘Peggy’ (our camper van) but hopefully we will be able to work that out. If you have knowledge of the areas you mentioned above please email them over if you have time :-) xx

  6. Stacey says:

    Hey :)

    When visiting Africa, you definitely need to try getting married in South Africa.
    Where else could you experience over 11 cultures in one country?!
    And plus, its beautiful and inexpensive, with many helpful people who love visitors to our beautiful country.

  7. Nina Tulp says:

    I love your project and I’d like to be your photographer in Holland! Lets get in touch!!

  8. fotis & zoi says:



  9. apple says:

    How about japan?
    i am working on bridal advertisement company, so i know some japanese wedding styles and some good places and some good people that are for fantastic wedding!
    so,if you are going to come to japan,i can help you.

  10. ahmet says:

    hi, how about turkey
    turkey of sout east we are doing fantastic weddings we have very different cultures from your wedding cultures for example you can wedding at Mardin , mardin is old city of Turkey . ı should think this idea.. take care yourself lisa and alex :)

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Hi Ahmet, We will be coming to Turkey next Summer! We do have some plans already in place! Keep in touch and with any luck we can see you there?? Cheers
      Alex & Lisa x

  11. Ahmet says:

    Hi dear Lisa & Alex,
    I am engaged and we have dream like yours , we want to see you there and please send an e mail about turkey plan , we want to meet you .. cheers ı wish forever love.. we are waiting your e mail .. Take care yourself :)

  12. Diane Minns says:

    Hi Lisa & Alex,
    Have a lovely time in Exuma!

  13. jesspants says:

    Your project is so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for sharing it with the world, and I’m looking forward to reading along as you continue to adventure. <3

  14. Elisa says:

    hi finland is a very beutiful country both summer and winter, on winter the snow and aurora borealis and polar night, in summer the thousand lakes and the midnight sun.
    It´s truly beautiful and food is very delicious ;D

  15. Maria says:

    Hi! Your life is very interesting! How about Russia? I can recommend a lot of beautiful places in our great country! ;)

  16. AGUSTÍN says:


  17. Kirsten says:

    Lodge on Loch Goil? The only treehouse in the world in which you can legally get married… Our wedding is there in two weeks xx

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Kirsten, This sounds AMAZING! We will have a look, or drop us some pics of your day!

      Congratulations for your special day, We hope it is perfect and the start of a wonderful marriage!


  18. Sarah says:

    Hello both –

    I am so intrigued by your story and I was in floods of tears watching your recent video from Ireland! If only I’d thought of this myself…..!

    If you’re going to be heading to the South Island in New Zealand I can’t recommend Rippon Vineyard highly enough in Wanaka. One of my great university friends runs the vineyard with her fantastic husband Nick and the views are truly out of this world – not to mention the wine!

    Good luck with your travels and I look forward to following your story.

    Sarah x

    • Lisa & Alex says:

      Sarah, thanks so much for getting in touch and of course for the recommendation!

      Alex has had a look at the website and it looks amazing! We will be sure to get in touch with them!

      It is a pleasure to have you along for the wild wedding adventure! :-)

  19. Lisa & Alex says:

    It looks like a fantastic place! Thanks for the advice. xx

  20. Lisa & Alex says:

    Thanks Tim! Very kind of you. I am just getting back to you on your email. :-)

  21. Dorothy Chan says:

    Dear Lisa & Alex,

    I read your story in yahoo’s website in Hong Kong, it is so touching and romantic.

    I would like to congratulate you cause you are so lucky that you can find a soul mate and share a lifetime of love and happiness together. It’s amazing! I wish you 白頭到老(together forever) &永結同心(Never tie the knot)..

    I will follow your blog, hope in the very near future i can join your wedding too. ^^

  22. Lisa & Alex says:

    Hi Dorothy,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such a lovely comment, we are so happy you are coming along for the adventure by following the blog.
    We certainly hope to have at least one wedding in Hong Kong, we hope you can make it along as our guest?
    So lovely to hear from you and thanks again for your congratulations and best wishes, they mean a lot to us.



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